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Founded in 1947 by Pierre Jallatte, Jallatte is an historic brand in the ​​safety footwear business. Its expertise is the result of years of experience and is the reference point of the European market.
For over 70 years, safety, comfort, well being and design are the hallmarks of a process that has led Jallatte naturally to take account of the health-related questions linked to wearing safety footwear. Jallatte completely integrates its ideas on these matters into its products, right from the design phase.

TUONG KHOA is authorized distributor of Jallatte products in Vietnam. For the last over a decade of working with Jallatte, we have been promoting Jallatte shoes/boots over 30 companies who value to use Jallatte products. If you have any inquiry, please feel free to call our hotline 0903739488 or email us at