MSA V-Gard, Rộng vành (Trắng, lồng vặn)


Nón bảo hộ V-Gard Hat, hãng MSA, Mỹ. Dòng sử dụng được cho lồng nút vặn (Faz-Trac Suspension)

Part number: 475369

  • ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2014
  • CSA Z94.1-2014
  • Classification Type I, Class E



  • Superior top impact protection
  • Fas-Trac III suspension is the most comfortable on the market— preferred by 92% of users
  • Designed for use with MSA accessories to ensure compliance with the helmet & accessory

Shell materials: Virgin high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with UV inhibitor

Available Suspensions:

  • Fas-Trac
  • Staz-On 

Service Life Guidelines

  • V-Gard Helmets are made with high-quality, wear-resistant materials.
  • Inspect the helmet before and after each use and replace any part(s) as required.
  • Always replace the helmet after it has withstood an impact or penetration. MSA recommends:
    – replacing the suspension after no more than 12 months of use.
    – replacing the shell after no more than five (5) years of use



Established in 1914, MSA Safety Incorporated is the global leader in the development, manufacture and supply of safety products that protect people and facility infrastructures. Many MSA products integrate a combination of electronics, mechanical systems and advanced materials to protect users against hazardous or life-threatening situations. The company's comprehensive product line is used by workers around the world in a broad range of markets, including the oil, gas and petrochemical industry, the fire service, the construction industry, mining and the military.


TUONG KHOA is authorized distributor of all MSA products in Vietnam and some other regional countries since 2006.Any question, Call 0903739488 or 


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