NSA 3 Piece Aluminized Suit

3 Piece Aluminized Suit (Coat, Pants & Hood), hãng NSA, Mỹ

Code: C46


Aluminized Apparel Reference Guide: Adding an aluminized film to the outside of our flame resistant fabrics increases protection from radiant heat and molten metal splash. These garments are necessary in many high heat environments, such as when
working near furnaces or in steel mills.

Molten Metal Resistance Test (ASTM F955)

  • To test for resistance to molten metal splash, 2.2 pounds (1 kg) of molten iron heated to 2850°F (1566°C) is
    poured from a height of 18 in. (46 cm) onto the fabric, which is positioned at a 70° angle. The temperature is
    recorded using a calorimeter.
  • Each material is tested three times, using two calorimeters for each test, yielding six total readings per
  • Listed in the chart below, you will find the average maximum temperature rise of these six readings for NSA’s
    most popular materials. Smaller numbers indicate greater resistance to temperature change, providing
    stronger thermal protection.


  • Aluminization provides excellent protection from radiant heat and molten metal splash
  •  Clear or gold face shield
  •  Ideal for extreme temperatures
  •  Increased protection from radiant heat, sparks & molten metal splash hazards
  •  Made in the USA



National Safety Apparel’s family business is to protect your family working in the toughest industries, helping them get the job done safely and getting home to you, day after day.In 1935, Walter “Wally” Grossman began developing and manufacturing heat and thermal protective apparel for foundry workers, steel pipe manufacturers and welders in his father’s basement in Cleveland, Ohio.Today we are a fourth generation, family owned business that is proud to manufacture in the USA and serve the toughest members of the workforce with our six FR clothing brands and three safety brands.We are ISO 9001:2015 certified with design. Our certification allows us to offer product customization and personalization to any of our products, and the ability to develop products to best meet your specific needs and hazards.


TUONG KHOA is authorized distributor of NSA products in Vietnam. Any question, Call or contact@tksafety.com.vn 


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