Mặt nạ thoát hiểm – HKMask

  • portable heat resistant smoke hood
  •  20 minutes of escape time.

Mô tả

  • Easy-to-adjust hood is designed to protect from heat, smoke and gases (especially carbon monoxide) during fires
  • Wide lens offers increased field of vision
  • Low breathing resistance reduces likelihood of claustrophobia

How to put it on:



HKMASK produces and develops the Pocket Smoke Mask (PSM) for personal protection use in the event of smoke, fire or toxic gas emissions. During emergencies, you may be required to pass through toxic smokes and fumes to reach for safety. That is the exact job which our PSM does – gives you 20 minutes of precious breathable air to evacuate from the danger. We are the experienced and certified manufacturer with over 15 years of experience in the field of fire safety equipment.HKMASK serves people who are in need of a portable, efficient, smoke filtered escape mask in the event of smoke related hazards. We are constantly developing new market and continuously improving the existing product to meet the increasing personal safety needs in Asia, Europe and America.


TUONG KHOA is authorized distributor of HKMask in Vietnam. Any inquiry, call us 090.3739.488 or

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