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  • - EN ISO 20345:2011 and S3 CI HI HRO SRC
  • - Water-repellent full-grain leather
  • - Steel toe cap / Steel midsole
  • - Anti perforation rustproof steel
  • - Antistatic

Gọi ngay: 0903739488

  • Boot style outdoor adapted to the building sector. Brown and black color.
  • Water-repellent full-grain leather upper, pull-up finish, thickness1,8 / 2,0 mm. Protective scuff cap reinforcement to vamp and heel for strength and long life in very demanding conditions: improved resistance to impacts, cuts and abrasion. Pu reinforcement to the front of the sole.
  • Upper lined in breathable 3DSurf mesh with honeycomb structure to improve the peripheral ventilation of the foot, dries out rapidly.
  • Boot with 2 leather side tabs for rapid pull-on.
  • Flat binding at top of quarters.
  • Soft footbed made of BASF Dynamic polyurethane with heat sensitive memory foam and acts over the entire surface of the foot, cushions pressure points, improves weight distribution and shock absorption caused by impact with the ground. Anatomical, breathable
  • Ergonomic shoe with broad synthetic polymer toe cap type B, for saving on weight (50% lighter than steel) Impact resistance to 200 Joules. Minimum height after test ≥ 4mm in relation to the Type A toe cap in accordance with Standard 22568-2:2019.
  • Heel stiffener to reinforce the heel seat.
  • Stainless rust proof steel midsole.


  • UPPER : water-repellent full grain leather.Protective scuff cap reinforcement to vamp and heel.
  • LINING : 3D with honeycomb structure
  • TOE CAP : Springtane B 200 J toe-cap
  • PIERCE RESISTANCE : steel midsole
  • SOLE : J-Escape Vibram, made of Softane / Vibram rubber, contact-heat resistant up to 300°C
  • KIND : rigger

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