Slip-On Wrist Anchor – 2.5kg

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  • - Slip-On Wrist Anchor - 2.5kg (Each / 10 Pack)
  • - Sản phẩm của hãng Gripps, Australia
  • - Max load: 2.5kg
  • - ANSI/ISEA-121-2018 Compliant

Gọi ngay: 0903739488


Effortless and load-rated, the GRIPPS® Slip-On Wrist Anchor is a preferred choice across various trades.

Offered in three sizes, this budget-friendly tether anchor is ideal for safely using hand tools at elevated heights.

Just slip it on, secure your tool, and start your task without any hassle.

Key Features:

  • Light, flexible and strong.
  • Suitable for use with our H01060, H01062 and H01067 wrist tethers.
  • Built-in load-rated tether anchor point.
  • Allows user to exit hand quickly, if required.


Technical Support: 0768.49.49.49

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Slip-On Wrist Anchor - 2.5kg