Avanti Click-on runner

  • European Standards: EN 131-2, ISO 14122-4, DIN 18799, BS 4211.
  • Australia AS1657,
  • USA ANSI A14, OSHA 29 CFR 1910.23.


Avanti Fall Protection System

In most countries it is required by law that wind turbines must be equipped with a fall protection system preventing the service technicians from falling off the ladders in the turbine.

Safe work in wind turbines always has top priority at Avanti Wind System. Therefore, Avanti has developed a safe Fall Protection System installed as part of the ladder.

How does it work?

The Avanti Fall Protection System is based on a special click-on runner that the technician carries in a strap on his harness. It is fastened in the harness with a snap hook of the same type as mountain climbers use. The runner can be clicked on to a safety rail – in the centre of the ladder – and follows the user up and down.

If the technician fails to get a proper foothold – or he feels unwell – the runner will immediately lock and prevent him from falling down. He will be hanging in the strap and runner in the safety rail until he can again use the ladder or until assistance is sent to help him.

The runner can be clicked on and off the safety rail anywhere in the tower, allowing multiple users to use at the same time. Technicians do not have to wait until their colleague has climbed all the way up or down. For the whole length of the ladder a technician can connect himself to the Avanti Fall Protection System every 6 metres. Other systems based on wires only allow one user at a time. The Avanti Fall Protection System must be inspected and tested every 12 months by Avanti personnel or by a company authorised by Avanti Wind Systems. The system is CE-marked (Europe) and has been tested according to the relevant North American Standards.

Avanti Fall Protection is a safety system for technicians climbing up and down the ladder. Therefore, Avanti has developed an Anchor Point that can be mounted anywhere on the ladder system. With an extra snap hook in his harness the technician can click himself to the Anchor and then work without the risk of falling.

The Avanti ladder system is made of aluminium. The safety rail is in the centre as part of the ladder. It is placed 70-90 centimetres from the tower wall so the technicians can climb the ladder with their back against the tower wall.

The platforms must be installed at a distance of between 6 and 15 metres depending on national rules.



Since its establishment in 1885 over 35,000 service lifts have been installed globally, more than 10,000 tower internals and more than 15,000 service technicians working in the wind industry have been trained and educated in safety by Avanti Wind Systems.Avanti has established offices and production facilities on a global scale in order to ensure that we are present in the markets where the wind is blowing and where our customers require our vast experience and expertise.1970 Avanti Started Up Production Of Aluminium Ladders1947 Avanti Ladder Factory Moved To Glostrup In Denmark, The Primary Product Was Wooden Ladders1885 Avanti Ladder Factory Was Founded By Engineer O. Jürger, In The Centre Of Copenhagen, Denmark. The Production Focused Mainly On Wooden Ladders Sold For Painters, Window Cleaners And Craftsmen.


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