Blocfor 1.8A ESD (1.8m), hãng Tractel

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  • - 1.8m with M10 karabiner and M47 hook
  • - High Capacity Range 150 kg
  • - Complies with EN 360 standard

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Retractable fall arrester for terrace use: the Blocfor 1.8A ESD 150 Kg (Extremity System Dissipator).
This new version of retractable fall arrester is equipped with an energy absorber more efficient for 150 kg

General definition:

Automatic fall arrestor device of 1.8m.(+/-5cm)

Physical and operational description:

The B1.8A ESD automatic fall arrester device with strap is a PPE which complies with EN 360 and meets the requirements of use for work on terrace roofs according to the VG11 CNB/P/11.060 of 2009. With a edge mini of 0.5 mm radius.

The main features of B1.8A ESD are:

  • Weight ( with connector M10/M47) 1.02 kg
  • Useful deployed length: 1.80 meters,+/-5cm
  • ABS fibre reinforced polyamide housing,
  • 15 mm wide Aramid strap, 1.45 meters long,
  • ESD (Extremity System Dissipator) in shear webbing, labelled with
    traceability data of the device and acting as a fall indicator,
  • M47 swivel connector at end of dissipater.
  • M10 connector at end of housing.

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Blocfor 1.8A ESD (1.8m), hãng Tractel